Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 2 - Hidden treasures

Hidden Treasures

A funny thing happened whilst on the way to my morning pee.
It's a beautiful time of day, Summer is asleep, the cat is having its morning stretch,the birds tweet.
 I am taking a liberating semi naked stroll to the bathroom. I approach the throne, bend to squat......bang... A zebra head on a pencil falls out from my stomach.
I imagine the shock I am in is somewhat similar to what Sonya Jackson (eastenders) went through when she unsuspectingly poo'd out her baby.
Then I piece the event together. ..
Summer was drawing on my bed last night ... I've gone to bed .... managed to have lodged the pencil into a fold of tummy fat.(I say fold, its more like the depth of an arse crack attached to my abdomen) ,And there the zebra slept with me secretly all night until the gentlest of squats released him, gasping for air on the bathroom floor.

This is Summers fault for 2 reasons.
1-its her pencil that she should have put away
2- she caused the bum fold by making me have a cesarian to get her stubborn melon out.

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