Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Friday, 24 June 2011

Day 10- "tell me about the rabbits George"

Summer loves animals, she is like Lenny is with rabbits (of mice and men). If she could snap the necks of animals with love she would, luckily we have prevented any animal deaths which would automaticaly put Summer in the "potential serial killer"bracket.

I say no animals died - because I am pretty sure goldfish aren't animals?!?
For Summer's 3rd birthday i brought her 2 Goldfish believing that the experience would teach her about nuturing nature. Fish are low maintenence pets which are surrounded by protective glass walls.perfect.
Part time dad loves fish, having been born into a fishing family on the beaches of Jamaica he knows everything about fish. He can even catch a fish with his bare hands....., even a goldfish with bare hands! - something despite my protesting, he would do constantly much to Summer's delight.
So it was with no surprise that no less than 48 hrs of being a goldfish owner, I came into the living room to see Summer sat comfortably watching cbeebies with a limp dead fish in her hands. Next to the tank was an array of utensils she had used to fish it out (excuse the pun), and there she sat like something out of silence of the lambs watching TV with her dead fish. Fish number 2 was swimming furiously, clealry not being able to shake the horrors from its short term memory. Before Summer could skin the fish and make a lampshade I took it off her and flushed it.
Fish number 2 took his own life sometime that night by swimming into the filter. I am pretty sure he did it on purpose, he did the right thing.

Summer now has a cat and a dog (great combo!)The cat has a safety word and the dog plays dead on command.

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