Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Monday, 20 June 2011

Day 6 - Singing in the rain

Summer is obsessed with my pink umbrella - im not sure this has anything to do with her penchant for flooding my house. (My kitchen ceiling looks like a skid mark this morning)

Last week she quite happily let me freeze in my vest top in the pourning rain while she skipped happily ahead under MY umbrella in her waterproof jacket ....with her hood up.

On Friday I saw my neighbours setting off in the downpour with only one brolly between them- I rushed to lend them mine, only to be rugby tackled to the ground by Summer and then screamed at with outrage at 'just giving pink umbrella away!!!!.'
 'Now will never see it again...you know what there like mum, they never gave back that onion'

Luckily the brolly was returned and didnt end up sleeping with the fishes along with onion,drop of milk,slice of bread and cup of flour.
Summer grabbed it off the neighbour, slammed the door and said 'yeahh that's right sucker' and took the brolly up to her room.

This morning she was determined not to be parted with the umbrella. I let her hold it in the cab on the way to school, she twirled it round as she walked into her classroom, but when it was time to give it back all hell broke loose. I wasnt in the mood to fuck about. I have a cab waiting, and I am not going to catch penomia so she can impale some kid with my brolly. We tusseled back and forth as i tried to prise her clammy little hands off it. Tracey (breakfast club leader and sympathiser) waded in and dragged Summer away from the brolly. With a final yank I won and made mad a dash out of the classroom door. I heard an almighty scream and turned back to see Summer charging at the door with her shoulder as 2 teachers tried to keep the door closed.

I couldn’t help it - I caught her eye, put the brolly up and gave a her a cheeky wave and blew her a kiss.
Her face was as pink as the umbrella in rage as the door glass rattled and children cowered behind tables and chairs.

Then I mouthed at her
'yeah that's right sucker!!!!'

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