Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Day 5 - Happy Father's Day

A letter to Part-time dad on fathers day.

Dear PT Dad,

Happy Fathers Day,
 Without you Summer would not be able to speak patois,boggle,dutty wynd, and say 'i'm a bad man' on constant repeat.

So you didnt make it to the hospital when I was in labour (or the 4 hours after she was born) but you did manage to break into the maternity ward that night through an open window and stare lovingly at your daughter until dawn when the nurses called security.

You were the one who watched Drag me to Hell with Summer last year (i was the one who slept with her through the nightmares for the next 2 weeks)
You brought her,her first bike which you converted into a low-rider with 2 of the most dangerous looking men I have ever seen. You buy all her clothes,which is why our daughter looks like a 5 yr old pimp and walks as if she has been shot in her left leg.

It is because of you that Summer can list the top 5 local bookmakers, and can eat fried chicken (including the bone).

But Part-time dad you are the one who has Summer from school most days, and has her each and every school holiday and for that Part-time dad I can understand why you run out the door as soon as I get in and why sometimes you like a shot if rum at 9am.

Have a lovely day at the pub (bastard)

Love from Part time mum (who used to be a lot fitter before she had ur kid)

P.S can you bring home some white spirit, she has dyed her face black....again

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