Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 4 - I want to be at work!

Currently hiding in my room drinking Malibu and munching Yum-Yums.

The 2 people who dont read this blog let their children come round and play today. Baring in mind I am banned from looking after my own god daughter- these parents should really click my posted links more.
We had a ten minute argument this morning because she wanted to take the TV to the shops. On the way she hurled abuse at the church fete for not inviting her to the 'party' and tried to 'kidnap' a shoe from the charity shop.
By the time her friends came I was gently rocking staring blankly at her making 'sugar mountains' on the kitchen floor.
In the four hours she has had friends round she has.
1# changed outfit 3 times with her being naked at one point.
2# pulled the mattres downstairs to make a slide and got it stuck in the hall
3#hid my bed covers and pillows in my wardrobe
4#told everyone to go home ....twice
5#generaly trashed the house
6# started a turf war with the boy next door (I heard her say blud!)

The estate agents put the for sale sign outside the front of the house today and I swear I heard the neighbours pop open a bottle of champagne!

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