Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Day 15 - Crack

I had to walk 1/4 of a mile with Summer. Usually a 15min walk. Today that took just over an hour.
She wasnt happy that we were walking in the first place so dwaddled behind me picking leaves,counting cracks in the pavement. I tried the trick of walking ahead in the hope that fear would set in and she would run after me. Summer couldnt give a shit. I was way down the road and she just sat down. I walked back got her by the hand and dragged her. She starts moaning and crying, protesting at being manhandled. Now people in the traffic queue are starting to stare. I let go and give her an incentive.
"Summer I have brought you something really exciting, but you can only have it if you're a good girl"
She starts walking, interested.."Ohh what is it?"
She is going to sprint home when she hears this, she's going to be good for at least 2hrs when she hears this!
"I am getting you a Wii" TADAAAAA! Yes Summer, a Wii!, love me, adore me, I am the best mother in the world. I have brought myself a Wii with Wii fit plus and pretended its for her and Summer will do as I say until that Wii arrives.
I look at Summer...she looks like someone has told her Super nanny is coming to stay. She's turning red, crying, shaking with rage walking back the way we came. This was not in my fantasy. "I want a Moshi Monster! Not a Wii! awwww my life is so bad" she flings to the ground in tears.
For those of you who havent been around a child recently a Moshi Monster is basically child crack, they are a small one pound figure thats a cross between a monster and an animal. Like crack Summer will turn tricks for a moshi, she will love you long time, beg,borrow and steal for a Moshi. The newsagent knows she's an addict and pushes them on her as soon as walks in the shop. When she has got her fix she is calm,chilled but the come down is hard and fast. Suddenly that Moshi wasnt enough she wants more ,needs more. Not even the thought of a games console is enough to get her off Moshi.
Its been ages since the stand off started and she is now sat on the pavement again, I'm tired,hungry ,I have nothing left. I do the worst thing a mother can do I offer to buy her a Moshi if she walks home. I'm practicaly one step away from dealing crack to my daughter. The strike is over, she jumps up and runs home. I have been defeated.
Completely unrelated but I just witnessed Summer eating a lime like it was a plum, she didnt even flinch. She is dead inside, I'm sure. Its the crack

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