Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Do I have buildings insurance?

She has flooded the bathroom again.
She of course is flat out denying it - blaming it on Part-time dad.
I would love to have faith in my daughter but all the evidence tells me not to.
Item 1: the chair put by the bathroom sink, so a small person can reach the tap.
Item 2: the bubble machine gun that is jammed into the plug hole causing the water to spill all over the bathroom and through to the kitchen ceiling.
Item 3: her gasp of 'oh bugger bollock' when asked if she left the tap on.

She is really upset that I dont believe her. But found great joy in dancing underneath the waterfall from the kitchen spot light.

We have a house viewing tomorrow and my kitchen ceiling is already turning brown.

I'm numb to it all.

The only other thing I have to do tonight is figure out how to get the black dye off her face. So far white spirit and nail polish remover havent worked. She looks like she has been up a chimney.
I think it might be a good lesson for her to go to school like this tomorrow.

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