Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Monday, 20 June 2011

Day 6 - king of the swingers

Part time dad calls.
"Me tink she dead fi real dis time'
"Is she breathing, moving?"
"Nah really"
"Not really?" "Is Summer dead on not!"
" - i tink she soon go dead cos she fell from really high- toppda door frame"
 "Are you high part-time dad?"

No he was not high.
Summer had scaled to the top of the door and was swinging off the hinges . Her feet balanced on the door handles, Summer was swinging herself back and forth,back and forth, back and ...slam.. Part time dad who is not high, i repeat not high, does not notice our five year old daughter attached to the door and pushes it open. Causing Summer to go flying across the living room.
Such was her shock/mild concussion that she lay still on the floor for quite some time just staring into space. Not moving, not talking,not crying.

I think she is fine, by the time i got through the door she was riding the dog and PT dad had blusher on.

The people came to view the house. The lady wouldnt come in unless the dog was tied up. So. I untied Summer and put the dog on the lead. I dont think they will be back

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