Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 2 - What u been eating?

Sat here thinking about what to write for Day 2. Nothing can top this morning. Plus Summers been at the cinema with the neighbours (they understand Summer and the fact I might need some space. I love em) i havent had much exposure to her antics.
She's been home 30 mins and done nothing out of the ordinary (for her) she's thrown me some gang signs (i think she's bloods tonight'). Pole danced the cat. Rambled about her dreams and how the letter E makes them go away (funny, an E used to give me great dreams)
Its straight to bed because it's been a long day. I lie down for a cuddle and then i vomit in my mouth because she has let one rip. Anyone who has spent a bit of time with her would have probably smelt it and understand why my nostrils are burnt.
When she was a baby part time dad and I thought it was the milk and puree veg pots...she'd grow out of it ...but it never has gone. They're usually silent and creep up on you. Its the smell of rotting death mixed with egg and vomit. Its beyond natural and lingers no matter what ventilation you offer it . I'am sure there is a direct link between global warming in the last 5yrs and Summers backside. Guantanimo bay should use her for torture. Skunks could hire her as a guard dog. Gypsies would leave abandoned carparks, and the Terminator 'would not be back'. Summers poop stinks! But she will point blank look you in the eye with a straight face and tell you 'you dealt it bruv'

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