Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Day 7-Babies

It was getting to the point today when i thought the 365 Days blog was over. I didnt have anything major to report. The morning school run went as expected, a few tantrums, another umbrella argument. I had no phone calls from the school and came home to a clean house and a calm Summer.
At 7 a lovely couple came round to view the house. They liked the kitchen , were impressed with the lounge and thought Summer was cute. So i let Summer show them her room:
"Wow you're a lucky girl to have a bunk bed! Is that for your friends to sleep on?"
"No its my sisters bed, she used to live here but mum kicked her out"

Errrr sister? Ohhh nooo she's talking about my niece who used to live with us.
I start to run up the stairs to put damage control into place.
"Yeah they had a huge row and mum said she had too many boyfriends and didnt want babies in the house"
I rush in to see a stunned lady and Summer who is re-telling the story whilst wriggling her naked body into an Ariel mermaids dress.
I make funny giggley nervous noises and lead the lady to my bedroom.

"Mum I think the cats peeing on the carpet"

My house is still up for sale.

Talking of my 16 yr old niece and her errr ....closesness to the opposite sex. There was an incident last year when I knew it was time for her stay with us to come to an end, as she was a bad influence on Summer.
 I was sat watching TV one day when I heard Summer scream for me in the bathroom. I ran upstairs and Summer was distraught.
"Mum i'm pregnant!"
 My mouth dropped as she thrust a pregnancy tester into my hand (mine, in case of emergencies). Had I just woken up 10 yrs later?
"Ohhh mum what am I going to do" she cried.
"Why do you think that ur pregnant Summer?"
"Because I put it in my mouth and it changed colour"
Thats when u know 16 yr olds and 5 yr olds shouldnt share a room

Just about to put her in a bath as she has glitter glued her eyelashes to her eyelids.

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