Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Monday, 27 June 2011

Day 13- I dont think youre ready for this jelly

For the 5th time this school year I am sat in the headmistress office discussing Summer. Not for my daughters academic achievments but for her consistant innapropriate behaviour. She is not a bad kid in school. She works, she listens and plays. She doesnt fight,bully or destruct. What she does do is say the word Sex an awful lot and also dances inapropriately in movement to music classes.
 They have never seen such an erotic tree in a reception assembly.
Anyone who knows Summer knows that from a very young age you can liken her manner to that of busty blonde in a Carry on film. She didnt side step dance as a toddler, she bent over and slapped her behind, gyrated and basicaly got down low. I always thought that it was the Jamaican in her, the natural rythm passed through from her father, a cultural thing or that she could have come from gypsy stock.
"She seems to be very aware of her body and her movements are sexual"they said
"Maybe she is imitating her idol Beyonce and its all just innocent and only deemed as sexual dancing if one were say a peadofile?" Shit, have I just called the head a peado?
They scribble notes. Dont try and be smart! After 30mins of calling my daughter confident, spirited, socialy advanced (and not baby slut like they want to) They conclude that it is all Beyonce and or Rhianna's fault (phew!)and reccomend she should stop watching music videos and top up on some Tweenies.
How the hell do you stop a young woman of colour listening to RnB music? Its like strawberries and cream, jerk and chicken, rice and peas! You dont have one without the other! Summer is mixed race and there are some things that I cant control, things in her blood... such as having an instant distrust of the police, enjoying chicken bones, being able to move her head in agressive circular motions, kissing her teeth and dancing like a bad man!

As for her saying the word Sex a lot, thats my fault, I thought I would be a cool liberal mum and explain to her the birds and the bees when she asked what it meant. Summer found it hillariously disturbing and felt the need to hold an open debate about it in Milk time.
The trouble comes when she is dancing at the same time as saying the word- sex. The 2 innocent acts turns my daughter into a 5yr old lolita who is being exposed to adult content at home. I think anyone who read Day 11- cock blocker knows that is not the case here.

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