Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 8 - Seb

There is a cute boy on the train, adorable, innocent, its rush hour but the whole carraige has warmed to him. He is the same age as Summer. He is saying sweet adorable things, sharing his grapes. This kid is premium. I can hear the wombs of the 30 something single women crying. Even the men want to be this kids dad. He's awsome.
But I'm giving him the death stare, willing him to kick off, slap his dad and shove a grape up his arse and make his dad smell it. You know something Summer would do.
Oh shit now he is showing off his reading skills...cocky little sod. Everyone is silently appluading his ability to read words that would appear to be egyptian script to Summer.
"What does Chiselhurst begin with Seb?"
Seb, pah gay name! Seb muses "sounds like chisel doesnt it dad"
Hmmm I dont think Seb knows- granted the CH phonic is hard. I'm feeling smug . I give him Smug face.
Everyone on the train is willing him on.....
"C" ..."H daddy" ... Train breathes a sigh of relief. I'm visibley annoyed.
I'm tempted to flip him the finger but I realise it's not Seb's fault. He is destined to be a lawyer or doctor, Summer is destined to go by the name of Angel and have fivers stuffed in her bra by builders at the Griffin.

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