Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Day 9 - Appraisal

It's the day of my appraisal and i have woken up late. 'Shhhiiiittt Summer get up"
Call a cab for the school run -"Summerrrrr!"
Unlike most children Summer does not wake up early. This is great for the weekend but not during the school week.
 "Get upppp!" I say as i smell knickers to see which are clean. I gag. Cab is here in 6mins.
Summer is still buried underneath her duvet fast asleep. What to do?
"Summer.... its snowing!"
Ahhhh the pitter patter of excited feet eager to look at the first snow......in June Surprisingly it takes her a good look up and down the street before she registers.
Summer is angry.., ensue a corker of a screaming match as the cab waits outside.
"You mean"
"You're lazy!"
"You cant do kartwheels and you always go to work" owch!
"Get in the cab grrrr"

"No I hate you"boooom!"I hate the way you comb my hair and your clothes today make you look fifty. You're tummy is wobbly and you fart in your sleep"

"If you dont get in the cab your mishi monsters get it..." I say dangling them out the window."

Really your calling for him!!its 8am - part time dad is worse than you for laziness,  he is passed out cock in hand dreaming about ounces and jerk chicken.

And then I accidently drop one...if it had been snowing it wouldnt have broken into so many pieces.

Shit..Summers face is red, the cab is beeping, she is running for me tooled up with her book bag.
"Youre the worst mum ever"

I'm going to be late, better text in..
Its 8:15am and I have been throughly appraised by my 5yr old...

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