Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Friday, 24 June 2011

Day 10 - Summer who?

I seem to have the word Heaven stamped in black on my wrist.
My head hurts , my mouth is dry and there is a super noodle stuck to my head.
I went to the Kings of Leon concert so why do I have Heaven stamped on my wrist.

I dont go out often. Largely because finding fresh babysitting meat for Summer is getting harder and also because one of the worst things you can do is be around Summer on a hangover.
I am usualy woken by her eyeballing me and poking my tongue exclaiming "eww what happened to you! "

But occasionaly it can be said that I get caught up in the moment and a feeling of being childless washes over me. The combination of Magners and Lauren (yet to reproduce)from work made me awash with the sense of freedom quicker than normal the cruel mix of the 2 egged me on to stay out late and forget about Summer.

Things I remember from yesterday,
1- listening to sex on fire in a portaloo
2- having the need to hug strangers
3-pinky promising to go to Glasto next year (even though party in the park when I was 13 is the closest I have ever been to a festival)
4-trying to get into the Dorchesters bar and Mahiki in wellies and flip flops holding each other up
5- discovering the new M&M store
6- lunging at the staff for not having peanut butter flavor until July
7-being chucked out
8-rembering July is next week
9- going to a gay pub and dancing with a huge mincer to Cabaret at gay kareoke
10- discovering that showing your FHM card will not get you a free pass into Hevan (not the right audience)
11- lauren pretending to be my girlfriend (i'm butch)

So thats how i got the stamp. I dont know what i consumed last night but my poo is black. I know its black because Summer blocked my toilet by flushing figurens down them after i told her the flushes go out to sea.
Now there is black shit bobbing around the brim of the toilet.
I left it as a nice surprise for part time dad.

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