Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Day 1 - never turn your back

Lesson 1# Never leave her unattended.

Things that Summer has done when left alone for a split second.

1 flooded the bathroom
2 stripped then painted her entire body green
3 taken off both armbands ran to the deep end,jumped in and drowned in a pool (rescued by two Turkish men)
4 found in lost property in Homebase
5 and tesco
6 and the glades
7 put the cat in the suitcase
8 hidden effectively in the wardrobe for 15mins starting a 'road search' (one of 3 this year)

This leads me to todays post:

Despite struggling with her Biff and Chip reading books, Summer manages to bring up her cousins number on my blackberry and call her... Call her for help, because apparently I am dead in bed, i'm not moving, Summer needs help and she must come now ......and bring sweats.
I know this because part- time dad calls the house phone to check I am alive. I am, he is relived that he doesnt have custody.
Summer explains to me the importance of sweets and how the boy who cried wolf is different to her because he just told the same lie over and over.


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