Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Day 14 - Stop!

I wouldnt be surprised if Summer thought her name was Summer Stop. If I had a pound for everytime a day I said Summer Stop! I would be laying in the caribbean with a tummy tuck, a hareem of toned young men fanning me sending Summer postcards at boarding school. Sadly I am yet to find a sponsor.
Summer Stop falls on deaf ears now, but yet I still say it like Stop will do something magical ..snap her into action ..she will put down her weapons,paint,dog,cat,sofa and see sense and cease to misbehave.
In the 2hrs I have been home it has been said over 8 times that I can recall
1-stop jumping
2-stop throwing afro combs at part time dad
3- stop calling the boy next door in the hope he falls out of his bedroom window
4-stop flooding the garden and pouring washing up liquid under the tap
5-stop watching TV on fastforward
6 stop! Don't pull that, the glass will...smash!
7 Stop touching your bits
8 please stop touching my boobs
Try the naughty step I hear you say. Oh we have, the bottom step which is thread bare, embedded with her buttock marks.
64 times once I had to put her back on it. I was too exhausted to hug her afterwards. She just gave me a high-five and congratulated me as she walked over my body straight onto finishing the destruction she had caused before.

Just before bed tonight Summer got her final 'stop'. I was having a wee, and Summer came rushing in desperate to go. I was mid flow and didnt want her re-wetting the carpet from Sunday. So she pulls down her pants sits on the edge of the bath and wees. Horrific I know , but needs must and all that. Were both weeing and chatting,a nice bonding time, when she goes quiet, she goes red. I look behind her...
'Summer Stop, no, no please stop"
"I cant" she looks pained
"Summer Stop! For the love of god Stttooooopppp!
It took me an hour to clean her crap out of the bath!

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