Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Day 12 - In your face!

Summers home she was gone for a full 24hrs!

I regret opening the door.

I did initialy miss her, so gave her a good dose of affection, cuddling,kissing and a spot of tiggling for good measure.

At one point we were play fighting and I had her pinned down on the floor. She was squeeling in delight.
I took a mouthful off juice and squirted it on her, and told her it was wee. Oh mummy is so funny and naughty. Wee! Hahaha.

We settle down and go back to watching 'school of rock' i can see Summer out of the corner of my eye, milling around, taking her knickers off (standard behavior) ha ha School of Rock is funny, i like that fat kid...
Wooooah WTF is that? My face is wet..it tastes nasty, ...splat again! WTF?

She is throwing piss at me , she is peeing into her hand and chucking it at me. I'm horrified and impressed at her bladder control at the same time.
Shit..I'm running as fast as I can screaming 'this is unacceptable behaviour' she is chasing me shrieking with delight pausing to refill her hand.

I lock myself in the bathroom. She looses control and pisses on the hallway carpet.

That's all.

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