Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Day 36 - For Amy

This morning I woke up to a downbeat Summer, she found out that one of musical idols Amy Winehouse had passed away. Summer had changed into her favourite grubby wife beater vest, hot pants and pumps and mournfully tied a scarf into her her, she brought me a black felt tip and eyeliner and asked that for one last time I draw on her tattoos and line her eyes just like Amy.
The music of Amy Winehouse was the soundtrack of Summers youth, As my favorite artist, Summers bed time lullabies where sung from Back to Black. We spent many a lazy Sunday singing Valerie into hairbrushes and wiggling around the room to Rehab, Summer's part was "no no no" and "go go go" Of course Summer has been shielded to the darker side of Amy. But I know that over the next few months with Amy's life splattered all over the media and Summers obession will grow.
We have been here before after Michael Jacksons passing, Summer played his music on repeat and learnt every word to his extensive song list and even named her cat Billy Jean. She wore a glove on her right hand for a month and there was an incident at nursery over a sequined jacket.
Summer is now tattoed up running up and down the street with the boy next door (her Blake) some might say that Amy would be the worst role model for a 5 yr old, but Summer loved her for her music and unique style. It beats listening to Justin Beiber. Thank you Amy for some great memories with my daughter and if she grows up to have even a finger full of your talent, then we are very blessed indeed.

Rest In Peace x

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