Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Day 32 - V is for vagina

Today post is sponsored by the word Vagina.
 Its been quite the theme word this weekend. And Summer has acted like a massive one all weekend.
She has been hyper all weekend, talking ...sorry, correction shouting all day .... largely vagina on repeat, breaking and destructing everything in her vaginas path. She smashed her very expensive limited edition Disney snow globe so she could release tinker bell's vagina from her glittered cage, at the same time cracking a floor tile in the bathroom , she coloured in her mirror with felt tip pens since I have thrown out every bottle of nail varnish I owned after yesterday. Then after teaching the boy next door several different words for vagina they played noughts and crosses on the dogs back . They then washed the car with my shower poof (which I use to wash my vagina) and a bottle of expensive conditioner (which I dont use to wash my vagina)
In between all of this she has said the word Vagina 50 times.
Mmmmm work tomorrow !

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