Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Friday, 22 July 2011

Day 35 - Sleep

17 minutes, I worked it out,  or 27 minutes if I didnt straighten my hair. I have waited 312 days for this.
My lay in.
 With Summer on school holidays I have up to 27 mins spare while the house is asleep, I too planned to join them in slumber. Not only do I get extra sleep I dont have to have my daily battle with Summer trying to get her up and ready for school. Everyday I have to find some new trick to get her awake and out of bed. "Its snowing, its a school trip day, I have had a baby, father christmas is not real" you know that sort of thing. Yes the next 6 weeks morning time will be bliss.
So it is with great frustration that my first 2 mornings have been ruined by Summer waking ME up!, Summer telling ME shocking things to get me out of bed "mum I'm going outside to play with the car- these are the keys yeah?"
She hasnt done this in my 27 minute lay in, she hasnt roused me at normal wake up time, nooooo not Summer, not cheeky, funny silly Summer. She has been up and sparky a full hour before the alarm goes off. Fully dressed bright as a button, picking me out work clothes that are entirely inappropriate but that also dont fit.
Why?, why oh why is she doing this, for 312 days we have fought every morning to get her out of bed, and now when I dont need to worry about it, she bloody wakes me up. Stripping me of the smallest pleasure. The first morning I assumed it was just Summer holiday excitment, but today just took the piss. I was so tired I felt like returning her to Lewisham hospital and telling them there had been a horrible mistake.

However its seems PT dad is doing a lot better with her than me:
Day 1 of the school holidays and part-time dad has excelled himself.
Summer greeted me at the station with a huge smile and a hula hoop. Her hair had been washed,combed and blow dried something I have not been able to negotiate for the past 2 weeks. She had eaten, she was clean, and the house was imaculate. I felt like I was in the twighlight zone.

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