Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Day 21 - Wii Glee

It took 21 days, but ladies and gentlemen we have a break through. Last night was, in short, pleasant.
At first I was dreading coming back with the Wii picturing the arguments and tantrums,sticking bits up the nose, throwing things around the room whilst we try and set it up (and that was just from part time dad). But Summer was passive all the way through, she remained calm during the whole 1hr long set up process.
Summer is a bad looser, so I was sure she would moan and throw the remote at the dog everytime she lost, but she didnt. She just shrugged and carried on. 2 hours went by of her being focused and entertained. I didnt know what to do with my self. I dont think she has been occupied for this long by anything since she painted herself green.
When bed time came I expected a protest but she followed me upstairs quietly. I told her she had to read her school book and instead of her tearing the pages out to use for fire wood she opened up and read the words near perfect. The cat, the dog and I sat open mouthed in amazement. Who is this child? And as she kissed me and turned over to sleep she didnt even fart on me. I felt like there was a stranger in my daughters bed. My boobs havent been grabbed, the pets are calm and anxiety free, the cats even sticking around long enough to eat. I go downstairs ...early, where I will have time to myself tonight. I take the Wii in my hands and cradle it as if it was the baby jesus. The Wii will never understand the gifts it has bestowed upon me. I kissed its cool exterior. With the Wii around I think I may just live to see 30!

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