Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Day 35 - School's out for Summer

So our first school year is done, Summer is invited back next year. This is a success. Lets have a look at what this year made so special.

1- The boy who liked to touch Summers Knickers
2- sending Summer to school without knickers on (no related to no.1 and an accident!!)
3- Summers 17 red slips for injury
4- teachers removing tattoos from her body
5- teachers removing nail varnish from her body
6- the day Summer refused to walk into class and she held me hostage on the bench (20 min siege)
 7-the day she refused to come home and the caretaker had to find her in the grounds.(She went missing for over 40 mins)
8- the 5 meetings with the head and govenors 9-the one letter from social services saying they had no concerns over her 'erotic' dancing
10- her erotic dancing

  As I bode her teacher farewell and thanked her being great with Summer, she replied ''Oh enjoy Jamaica'' - ERRR exsqueeeze me? '' YES Summer has been telling everyone about you spending the holiday in Jamaica'' The lying little shit!
''Yes we are all really excited'' I just lied to the teacher!! I couldn’t do it - I couldn’t leave the teacher with a lasting impression that Summer is a fibber.
I wonder if you are allowed to fake tan your child???

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