Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Day 34 - Honesty

Summer is one day shy of her first year at school and for the first time she has spoken to me about what goes on in school other than tuna jacket potatoes for lunch ( literaly the only thing she eats there) and general tittle tattle from the playground.
Today when I asked her the obligitory "what happened in school today?" She answered me frankly: "I got in big trouble" ohhhhh shit.
I put on friendly face, make her feel safe to discuss her day good or bad. Then punish her once I have all the facts.
"I cut up Ms Franklins leaving card" ohhhhhh shit.
Smile, keep smiling, not too much cos this is bad, smile with the eyes, smeyes her, keep her talking, dont panic.
"I was cutting love hearts out of it and giving them to my friends"
The leaving card was mistaken as craft card by Summer and was filled with good will messages for the leaving teacher ahead of a tearful speech and a teachers piss up at the end of the day. And now Summer had cut love hearts out of it.
"My teacher was like Summmmeeerrrrr" she says mocking her teachers shocked voice.
"I just put my head down and carried on working" good thats positive. "Then pparently we was meant to be writing not cutting anyway" yeah sure easy mistake to make. The whole class is writing so Summer picks up a pair of scissors. Still smiling with the eyes.
"Anything else happen?" I ask hoping she can redeem herself. Summer thinks. "I got in trouble for showing my arse to year 4" ohhhh for fuck sake. "No mummy! Of couse I had my knickers on!" Yessss progress at last.
Finaly I find another red slip. I double check to see its not the same one from yesterday, no such luck:bump to left eye, other pupil it reads. "Honestly mummy, Ella was up for it, we both got a slip!" She looks pleased. One more day to go.

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