Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Monday, 1 August 2011

Day 40 - Irratant

So the 2hr train journey back from the farm was a treat.
I expected Summer and I to fall asleep with my only worry being to make sure I woke up at the right stop.
I dont know where she gets the energy from, maybe she has a reserve pack of AA she keeps in her afro. By all accounts she should have been sparko. But instead the moment she got on that train she turned into an ape. She clambered over seats, ran up and down the train, in and out of the toilets and got stuck in the doors between carriges. I kept telling her to sit still, but she didnt listen she went on a rampage like it was the Brixton riots. I felt awful for the childless couples who tried to move carraiges subtly without making eye contact.
I could feel my chest tighten each time she disobeyed me. I was literally going to die if she didnt stop, she would probably peck at my dead corpse and use my eyeballs as marbles. She kept on and on chatting, running,jumping, swinging,flashing,climbing till I snapped and screamed "STOP, STOP u little ...."
She looked at me, I looked back waiting for her next move. Her jaw dropped, her eyes welled she flung to the ground and started crying, not even normal tears but rather the sounds of an Italian mourning widow, wailing uncontrolably at the fun she has lost.
Oh fuck! Crying is more irratating than Summer being Irratating, and now I have to listen to it for 4 more stops.
By the time we get to the front door I am twitching all over. Summer is asleep in my arms. I have just carried her and the suitcase half a mile to our home.

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