Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Day 41 - Cos every little things gonna be alright

Well part time dad managed 2 weeks before loosing her.
They went to Deptford before lunch (cos kids love Deptford), he dropped her at his mums around 4, his mum has called his sister (wise move), who took Summer to the park. I turned up to collect her around 6. She wasnt there. PT dads mum invites me in and we sit for 2hrs in the hope that Summer and her aunt turns up. Her phone is off so we wait and wait, and I sit in their kitchen with her husband- its like sitting in Desmonds barber shop. They cus and they fight eachother, I have a little flirt with grandad and listen to grandma moan about "dis useless man deh" they force feed me oxtail and dumplings and I moan about her son and they both agree that they never thought their little yardie beach boy would end up with a private schooled educated white girl, with a proper job and "what an idiat dam fool" I am for agreeing to go out with him all those years ago.(I agree) I could listen to them all night, moan,cus and gossip in the middle of august with the heating on, feeding me stew. There not bothered that no one has seen or heard from Summer and her aunt for the last four hours. "She safe man (insert kiss of teeth) relax" .They dont have the same paranoia that we have. They come from an island where children play out from dawn to dusk and were part time dad used to dive for lobster before going to primary school. Summer could swim at the age of 3 because she spent a month in Jamaica and swimming lessons consisted of chucking her in the sea off a fishing boat "she soon learn man". .. She did. So I believe them that Summer is fine with family, somewhere out there and I am told to go home and someone will bring her back or maybe not, maybe she will stay at her aunts. Its cool, she safe, go home relax, take this plate of oxtail too and go on u crazy white girl.
I do, I relax, think about my night of freedom as I wait for the bus. But then I see someone I recognise, she walks over with 2 big bags of shopping, alone...shit why is she alone? Why is part time dads sister here ...alone?

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