Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day 43 - Light relief from riots

The past 24hrs have been somewhat stressful.
It started with me falling down the stairs and ripping my arsehole in 2 at 7am. PT dad found me sobbing naked at the bottom step. Once placed on the sofa, Summer and PT dad left to visit Grandma in Lewisham.
I fell asleep and woke up paralysed from my back hair down. The dog was licking me and I needed to wee. PT dad and Summer werent answering the phone and I was getting worried. My back pain was such that I am not ashamed to say I pissed in a pint glass rather than climb the stairs.
Later the news tells me of riots in Lewisham and an over excited PT dad calls me to say it is just like the mother land in the 80's when the government handed them guns to protect families from rioters. Why no guns he muses? PT has been prophesising a riot ever since I have known him. And now its finaly here he is confused, why do british people fuck up there own shit? Why would they take down nandos, why cash convertors, why primark? What madness is this? I ask him to kindly come home and assist me but he says the riots have shut down london transport, besides Summer is with his mum and he is holed up in a Jamaican patty shop defending savory snacks from the youths. The Jamaican community needs him.
Meanwhile the dog has started licking my piss pint and coming over to lick me. I try and fend him off as best I can.
I am alone, basically covered in my own pee as the rioters moved closer and closer to my area. Is this how it all ends for me?
I wake up again at 5am as PT dad stumbles through the door a few patties in hand. He is devestated, the patty shop went down. He saved what he could. He tells me about the horrors he has seen and I point out that he has left our daughter in the middle of it.

I rescue Summer at 2pm the next day, she is reluctant to leave the action, she is telling me all about what she saw outside the window, bricks thrown at police, grandma turning down the offer of a Plasma TV, and a fire in a bin.

I feel calmer at home until I read racist comments about the riots on Facebook and Twitter and I wonder how much it would hurt Summer if she was old enough to hear, would it effect her, would she feel part of a feared,hated,minority. Would she lash out like the kids we see on the news after being told they are scum year after year. I find myself defending my daughters future as I reply to posts. Then Summer puts it all into perspective. "Whats dis?" Summer has looted my bedroom draw. She is holding a purple 10 inch vibrator in one hand and blue anal beads in the other. I spit my mouthfull of tea all over her. "What is dis mummy tell me" I stall, how do I handle it responsibly?
 So here I am massaging Summer with my vibrator and anal beads to prove I wasnt lying and that it is for my bad back. I cant remeber if they have been wiped down from there last outing. I am sick in my mouth a little.

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