Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Day 74 - Fairy

She woke me up yesterday – that never happens
She creepily snuck into my room and stared at me silently.
‘what’s wrong’? I asked
As soon as I said those words her face crumpled up and she started to cry.

‘I left it under my pillow and she didn't commmmmeee wahhhh waahhh’’  erggh  Monday mornings should never start this way.
I had no clue what she was on about or why she was so upset. She had something held tight in her hand  that I made her un-clench.

A molar – a big old nasty molar.  
Then I started putting the pieces of the jigsaw together. Her tooth must have fallen out and she put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy – who obviously didn't come. Jesus what happened to getting a head up!

‘why didn't you tell me? ‘’ I marveled at how she had managed to keep the excitement of losing her first molar all to herself since yesterday.
‘’It fell out at school, I wanted to  test to see if the tooth fairy was just you’’

I am always still so surprised that Summer still believes in Fairies, Santa , Easter Bunny ….her dad.
As you can imagine I haven’t been the most consistent over the years at keeping these magical mysteries alive.
There was the Easter when I completely forgot  which day you gave the eggs– by the time I remembered (on the Sunday) Tesco Express had sold out. So I simply didn't tell Summer it was Easter.
Then there was the following Easter where I’d slept in and forgot to lay out the eggs and only realized when Summer sat crying in the living room – I quickly dropped the bag of eggs out of my bedroom window to strategically land on the front door step, and then listen as Summer cried over a batch of broken Easter Eggs.
Many a Christmas had gone by with Summer finding her presents , or walking in on me wrapping them. The tooth fairy though  was probably my biggest parent nemesis. She'd lost 11 teeth so far and I could safely say the tooth fairy has  done her job properly about 5 times, the rest have been huge let downs, IOU notes, foreign money, a bar of 80% dark Green&Blacks, .

So no wonder Summer had chosen to test me and the tooth fairy ...... she was devastated, inconsolable that she hadn't come. I tried to give her explanations

‘Maybe they don’t like molars’’
‘’Maybe it was too windy for them to fly’’
‘’Maybe if you didn't sleep on the landing they’d know where to go’’

As she walked into school head held low – I vowed to try and keep these magical moments alive for as long as I could, The fairy would come that night.

So that night we tried again for the tooth fairy. Summer wrapped her tooth, stuck it under the pillow and I waited for her to go to sleep.
I totally fell asleep too – but by the grace of god at 4am I had a terrible wind induced stomach cramp and I was awake frantically searching the house for  something decent to stick under her pillow.  With no other option than a £20 note I snuck upstairs and placed the money under her pillow – having every intention to ‘borrow’ the money back off her in the morning.

The next day I woke up feeling relieved that I had done the decent thing for once – and Summer seemed happy too.
She was excited and nervous wondering what the tooth fairy had left her and wanted me to go look with her.  I fiend excitement too and made a dramatic act out of lifting the pillow.

I lifted one
I lifted two pillows
I searched a teddy bear
‘OHHHHHHHHHHH noooooooooo     wahhhhhwahhhhhh’ Summer cried
I moved the bed , looked under it…..where the heck was the £20 note!!!  
All that was under her pillow was her dirty molar!....crap I’d forgotten to take the tooth when putting the money down

Summer was in tears, devastated once more that she had been stood up.

I was completely baffled – where had his money gone. Was it all a dream, had someone sneaked into her room and took it….the cat maybe.
I was tearing apart her room, turning it upside down looking for my £20.

‘’Oh well’’ said Summer, who had seemed to have straightened herself out ‘’I guess we could try again tonight and see if she comes with something ‘’

She had the money – the devious cow had the money – and she knew that I couldn't say anything about  it because I wasn't the tooth fairy and I wasn't meant to know.

I knew that she knew, but we both couldn't say that we knew ………
This is war!

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