Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Monday, 12 September 2011

Day 54 - Part Time Dads thoughts

''see this is the trouble with white people''
Oh god here he goes again
''dem tell you a hurricane a come a england and you just sit down pun ya backside and chat bout the weather pon de bus''
what the hell is he on about
''big hurricane a come and no body pon dis bludlart road a go board up der house, no body nah pin down there roof tile''
I swear this man still thinks he is in Jamaica.ignore, he will stop soon, watch the TV, dont look at him.
'' den when the wind come in and mash up de window, dem a just it blame pon Trevor Mc Donald''
What the fuck has Trevor got to do with a Hurricane, I just try and ignore him and ask for the remote.
''wha you tink Summer a go do?''
stop talking to me - I dont care what you think Summer will do should a hurricane come - its not coming its just windy out
''wha you tink she a go do when she find us crush up by a tree on the floor - how long you tink she would survive for''
firstly there are no trees nearby that could cush us should this hurricane come about - secondly this is actually a bloody good topic of converstaion now, how long would she survive for trapped in the house?
We start discussing this in detail.
''she a survivor man , she knows how to shit and piss'' (yeah we were all born with that natural instinct) ''she know how fi cook''  I shoot him a look of dont be ridiculous, ''how ya mean, she makes noodle, tea, dumplin, she knows how fi use the microwave....she does it all the time when she is with me, I try and keep myself to myself you know, so she fi understand how to tek care of herself''' She  is 5 (and 3/4 if you ask Summer, dont forget the 3/4) - I tell him he is an absolute moron and he shouldnt let her do things like that. He goes in to some long speech about being raised bare foot by wolves in Jamaica, sleeping under the stars bla bla bla poor old me, so you didnt have a gameboy get over it.
''If dat hurricane come, Summer will be alright man, me teach her how to survive, dats why she will eat you first when the food runs out''
I'm going to bed

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  1. I love your blog. I've read every post and always look forward to the next one :)