Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 51 - The Promise

I promise this school year I will be a better mum.
I will get Summer to bed early and wake up on time to do her hair properly.
I will make more of an effort with her school Packed Lunches, they will be  Michellen star level, not Greggs pasty level.
I will never forget her PE kit.
I will clear my work diary and go to each assembly and sports day and fight my way to the front row, I will even squeeze a tear out, so everyone can see I care.
I will ask the head teacher what she has done wrong before going into the office so I have time to prepare my shocked and dissapointed face and not burst out laughing in surprise and secret pride.
I will write to her teachers in pen and not pink felt tip.
I will make sure Summer has her knickers on each day.
I will try and talk to the other mothers....the ones that I can do without feeling the need to vomit on their Jimmy Choo's.
I will do this all. Everyday.  Honest....just not today ......, not her first day back because that totally catches you out the blue.
 I only had 6 weeks to prepare for this day.
 We woke up late, so I scraped her hair up into a lumpy pony tail, I realised that the new uniform I brought her is too small, I make her packed lunch, she wants heart cheese sandwiches, she get penis shaped ones and a box of sushi I found at the back of the fridge. I don't have her PE kit ready so I write her teacher a note in pink felt tip pen explaining. I hope she put her knickers on....... We rush out the door as I give her a pepperami and flapjack that I find in my bag for her breakfast.
-I promise tomorrow I will be a better mum.

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  1. so glad its not just me! love your posts,they get me grinning, even on the worst day.
    today it was my son vomiting his vitamin, just to prove he didnt like them (had them 2 weeks before i remembered they do most good inside your child rather than the box!)