Welcome to the fun

Welcome to the fun
Christmas Joy

Thursday, 4 October 2012

New Friends

I'm gonna keep to the basics on this one - there's been a bit of writers block the last 6 months - but that doesn't mean that Summer has matured into a little angel.

Far from it.

So this story happened a few weeks back. 

Summer holidays, bored at home, I cant take any more and I have only done a two week stint this year. During my 2 weeks on duty - I have seriously considered packing my bags in the middle of the night and legging it. 
A lack of routine and school work created a bored fuzzy monster who used me as her play thing. I felt like the pretty boy in Pentonville.

so one day - we are watching TV and Summer gets up and goes to the kitchen, takes a sandwich bag and disappears. Thats fine by me - she couldn't fit her head into the sandwich bag and suffocate so no need to monitor this situation - also i never intend to make her a packed lunch ever again after she complained to the head about my inedible soggy sandwiches. So go for your life with the sandwich bags. 

After a while I notice whispering from the landing. 

''your warm aren't you?'' Summers says in a creepy little voice

''Summer!!!! what you doing come here now''' I say
She doesn't come

''your darker than you were before'' she whispers '' i like it'' she creeps on

''Summer your being weird - get down here now!!'' 
''You wont let me bring my friend, so I'd rather stay up here with them'' 

ohhhh ya bastard - you've got so bored you've brought back the imaginary friend. ''no mummy its not imaginary its real - I can see him'' 
she slowly comes down the stairs all the while whispering to her ''friend'' she is reassuring him. ''its ok - you dont have to worry, we can watch Disney, you'll like Disney'' 
she pops her head round the corner and holds something behind her back.
''let me see it Summer!''...she shakes her head
'show me what you have behind your back'' ...she refuses again
knowing that this could go on all night - i just shrug and tell her to get on with it. 

Knowing that her battle is won - she skips to the sofa with her new little friend in hand and snuggles down with him to watch TV.

I don't know if the Summer holidays had caused some part of me to die - or that maybe I had now seen it all for Summer - but as she rested the sandwich bag filled with her own urine on her knee, I knew I/ we needed help. 

''really Summer?? this is you 'friend''
''I LOVE him'' she replies

I'm not prepared to fight and struggle over a bag of piss - I have had enough of Summers piss soaking into my skin - so I leave her too it. Thinking that if this is for attention she will soon get bored. 

Of course it doesn't, Bag 'O' Pee joins for the remainder of the evening, Is introduced to the pets, the neighbours, part time dad. It's told all her secrets and admired for her cloudiness.

I let it go on - in silent protest until she falls asleep clutching her bag of pee and gently release it from her clasp.

retire to bed and google ''Child Therapist''

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